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Educational Discount Program

In order to encourage artistic and scientific innovation, we offer a 10% discount on selected kits and chemicals to current students and faculty at established educational institutions.

Items included in our discount program have this image at the bottom of the product page.

Sculpture by Ben Dombey Tulane University

Terms of Our Discount

A coupon code allows you to receive 10% off on all of our basic kits and chemicals. Each coupon code is specific to one school. You may share your code with other students and/or faculty only at your school. Each coupon code expires every 6 months. We will send you a renewal notice when your code is due to expire.

To Request a Coupon Code

To Receive Your Discount

Enter your coupon code on our check-out page when you place your order.


This discount program is meant to serve the needs of often under-resourced students and faculty and to promote the exploration of mirroring techniques in the pursuit of scientific and artistic experimentation. We reserve the right to withdraw participation and to discontinue codes we believe are used in bad faith or inconsistent with this intent.