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Drip Silver Kit Zoom

Drip Silver Kit

SKU: A1111F
Product Description


    Use our simple siphon set-up to silver any non-metallic surface. This kit is especially useful for silvering a large number of irregular pieces that are too small to be silvered efficiently with a spray system. Our kit contains enough silver to cover 260 square feet (24 square meters).

    NOTE: This kit does not include paint or lacquer to protect the silver. Choose the opaque backing paint or clear top coat that best suits your project. See Mirror Backing Paints


    Kit contains

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    Tools Supplies Instructions

    You supply

    • A tray to catch waste chemicals (see our instructions)
    • Supports to hold the glass
    • The glass to be mirrored
    • A few gallons of distilled or deionized water
    • 2 plastic buckets for waste treatment
    • A timer or a clock with a second hand

    Shipping Restrictions

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