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Simen Meyer | You can see some of Simen's work in our Customer's Gallery

After attending Dave Smith's workshop in 2016, I have spent my spare time crafting reverse gilded and embossed sign work of many kinds, and Angel Gilding has been a great source of materials and education in this endeavor. Your products are of high quality and the selection of products reflects a deep knowledge of the subject that makes it easy for new students of old crafts of mirror and gold to familiarize themselves with. I’m looking forward to learning more and having Angel Gilding as my go to artisanal supply store. Thank you greatly!


I have successfully used the (2-Part Spray Silver) chemicals provided by Angel Gilding to silver coat a 70-inch fused quarts parabolic telescope mirror. The chemicals were very efficient and resulted in an excellent highly-reflective coating on the mirror surface. The chemicals were very easy to use and superior to those used in previous silver coating.
Because the mirror is so large, I elected to coat the mirror in the four quadrants individually rather than coat the entire mirror at once. This resulted in a very good coating for the primary mirror's surface.


Mike Clements | Creator of the world's largest amateur telescope

I wanted to say thank you very much for the package, it got here very quick, and the presentation was very nice! You made things really convenient so I didn't have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. The kit made it also very convenient to get started! You did a really good thorough job! I am very pleased!


Jason Shepherd

I received my Spray Chrome kit the other day in the mail. I have to say this thing is great. It works really well actually. Once again thank you for a great product. Keep up the good work.


Charles Bell, Greenwood Aquagraphics

You sell a great product. We tested it yesterday and the results are astonishing much better than {other companies}.


Rodrigo Cader

I remain very impressed with Unicoat. It's my new favourite clear and goes on so nicely and dries quickly. I like how it flows once it's on the part


Sean Corsini | Clear Uni-Coat is available on our Spray Chrome page.

Your products worked great. Recommending you for sure. Thank you!


Gordon Tarpley | You can see some of Gordon's work in our Customer's Gallery.

I’m a big fan of your Uni-Coat. The other products dry so slow you can’t keep the lint out. With Uni-Coat it dries hard and fast and I can’t see a spec of lint!

Your chrome remover works really good. Spectra Chrome will tell you that you can not touch the base in any way. With yours you can remove the chrome, wash it with your cleaner and your are good to go. On one cover I messed up three times (couldn’t believe it) and had to remove the chrome and it worked each time.

Your service is the best I have ever seen. I really appreciate that.


Gaylon Janes | Clear Uni-Coat is available on our Spray Chrome page.

Great news! I can't begin to tell you what great success I've had with my third attempt with the 3-D silvering kit. As we both guessed it, I wasn't using enough tin and/or silver in my first two attempts.

I purchased first surface mirror from a company that specializes in this product and I can tell you that their professionally made mirrors look no better than what I've just produced. The first surface quality is incredible. It's almost a shame to paint it.


Ron DiGiovanni | You can see Ron's work in our Customer's Gallery.

I just wanted to THANK YOU all so much for your kits and videos and step by step instructions. I am having a blast mirroring all types of glass even though I am not an expert. It is so fun to watch all these chemicals in progress. I have been a faux painter for years and not really interested in doing the painting side as much as the glass and mirrors.


Tonia Raine

Pump Spray silver kit is a fantastic product. Without it, I could never realize my project. I did several tests on plastics: transparent pvc, polycarbonate and plexiglass. It is just magic. Before testing, I did not believe the silver chemicals would stick on pvc. It sticks on everything, even my gloves are silver plated!


Joseph Gaudeuille

Great stuff. Bought the 3D kit and have been busily mirroring objects, working towards a new art idea. The chemistry works quickly and easily and is letting me test out ideas much more quickly than sending parts out to be silver plated. I would highly recommend the 'mini silver kit' for starters...


Zack Peabody

I wanted to congratulate you on the ease and thoroughness of the kit from prep to disposal. It's been a joy to use! I'm very happy with the quality of the mirror I'm getting.


Andy Diaz Hope

I am happy to report, the Angel Gilding solution worked quite well. As a first try, I opted to give the piece a double coat of gold. The gild I achieved was like none other that I have seen over the years. I would have to say the gild was beyond 23K. The photo doesn't really do it justice. The gild on this sign is absolutely gorgeous! The product worked as described the first time. I also did a second piece with the Angel Gild, a 26" x 82" United Cigars Store sign. It also worked well too, and pieces that large are kind of tough to solution gild.

There would be no way to water gild the area behind the bevel without any leaf lines. Just no way to do that. Angel Gilding is the only way to do it without any marks, but the true advantage to Angel Gilding is over glue chipping. I would have had to do water gilds followed by a surface gild to cover the surface so that the backing paint wouldn't break through. That takes several days at quite a bit of expense. Angel Gilding is done, complete, in a few hours. That's the advantage.


Larry White - Wall Jewelry | You can see Larry's work in our Customer's Gallery.

Hey! It (the silver) actually DOES work! I've been putting off even trying the process for months but Sarah made it so easy, I had no further excuses. Tried it tonight and got two decent mirrors! Now, we're NOT talking Primo, here, but it DOES work! Slick! Maybe I'll even get to the Angel Gilding part. Thanks to all those who "egged" me on!


Catharine Kennedy

The product works (angel gilding, copper, silver, cobalt blue) It's packaged well, instructions are excellent, and is shipped well and works as described with consistent results. I've meant to tell you before, the instructions are well done.


Danny Baronian - Baronian Mfg. | You can see Danny's work in our Customer's Gallery.

On the third try, we got a beautiful gild. The only thing wrong with the first try was we didn't get enough down before silvering...Thanks for a good product.


Tom and Darla Norman

I bought your mirror kit and followed the directions religiously. First try ..... acceptable. Second try ... beautiful!! My wife, daughter, and my daughter's friend were all amazed at the chemistry magic show that I had put on for them ..... changing glass into mirror. I can't wait for my next project...... I need to mirror a lightning bolt onto a glass door piece for an old hot dog cooker!


Jim Jaczkowski | You can see Jim's restored gum machine in our Customer's Gallery.

As for what you originally suggested, I tried doing a really transparent gold layer (happy accident) and a double copper layer over that. I have no words to describe how incredibly beautiful my results were. My client liked it so much that he picked that one too. It was like a perfect serene sunrise on a beautiful spring morning! It makes me so happy to make these mirrors, especially when the results are like that.


Judith Trezza - J&M Gilding | You can see Judith's work in our Customer's Gallery.

Just a quick note to say that the new two part Silver Remover is fantastic. Using a cupful and a wad of cotton, I was able to easily and quickly wipe away all silver residue from around my backup paint without damaging any of the fine lines. This process gave me more control over the stripping than the old solution did. The dampened cotton was good for about 4 or so sq. inches before I needed to recharge with Silver Remover so this also worked quite smoothly and efficiently for intricate work. Thanks for letting me in on this new version of the silver strip.


Kent Smith - Smith Sign Studio

Your website is very nice, and the pdf directions are extremely helpful - I particularly like the the end of the "Antique Silver" pictures/instructions I was all fired up to go for it. Also the idea of an adsorbent material for disposal is most excellent.


Lee Littlewood - Lee's Better Letters

First I would like to say how fantastic your mirroring kits are and, with the ease of process you have made, places mirror making into the hands of everyone. Without you, my work would be very difficult if not impossible.


John Jones | You can see some of John's work in our Customer's Gallery.

Thanks again for your interesting and thoughtful responses. Sarah your product suggestion is most helpful and Mike your long explanations are extremely valuable. I appreciate all the time you have taken.


Andy Stockton - The Daguerreotypist | You can see some of Andy's work in our Customer's Gallery.