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Wetting Agent

Product Name Price Qty
Wetting Agent, 60 mL
 - SKU: A2140 approx. coverage 20 square feet
Wetting Agent, 250 mL
 - SKU: A2141 approx. coverage 83 square feet
Wetting Agent, 1 liter
 - SKU: A2143 approx. coverage 333 square feet
Wetting Agent, 1 gallon
 - SKU: A2153 approx. coverage 1,266 square feet
Product Description


    A concentrated surfactant that breaks the surface tension and allows water to flow freely over plastics and glass. If water does not flow evenly over the surface, the mirroring chemicals will not deposit evenly.

    Product Details

    Mix Mix 10 ml of Wetting Agent with 90 ml distilled water = 10:1 dilution ratio. This ratio is not critical.
    Shelf Life Diluted and concentrated Wetting Agent have an indefinate shelf life
    Coverage Approximately 30 mL of dilute per square foot
    Time Instantly while on the surface. Does not work after it has been rinsed off.
    Instructions Wetting Agent Instructions
    Shipping Restrictions None