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Clear Uni-Coat

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Clear Uni-Coat, 1 quart
 - SKU: A2425A - covers 94.5 sq ft. (8.8 sq. m.)
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Clear Uni-Coat, 1 gallon
 - SKU: A2426A - covers 378 sq. ft. (35 sq. m.)
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Product Description


    Clear Uni-Coat is a 2K automotive urethane - hard, high-gloss, crystal clear, UV resistant, flexible, durable and fast drying - perfect to use as both a base coat and a top coat for spray chrome applications.

    Product Details

    Theoretical Coverage 1 quart covers 94 square feet (8.8 sq m). 1 gallon covers 378 square feet (35 sq m)
    Mixing Add 8 parts resin to 1 part hardener. See our Mixing Calculator
    Thinning Do not thin. Clear Uni-Coat is ready to use.
    Tinting Use only solvent-based tints. See our Tinting Calculator.
    Pot Life - mixed 4-8 hours depending on shop conditions.
    Shelf Life - unmixed About 1 year
    Apply With Aerosol sprayer or HVLP gun with 1.0 mm fluid nozzle
    Dry Time - as base coat Allow at least 12 hours to air dry or flash off and force dry at 140-195º F. (60 - 90º C.) before silvering.
    Dry Time - as top coat Dries tack free in 5-15 minutes depending on shop conditions.
    Clean Equipment With Lacquer thinner
    Clean Before Silvering Use Concentrated Glass Cleaner and distilled water to remove dust or fingerprints before silvering.
    Safety Precautions Our Respirator protects you from fumes and overspray.
    Low VOC 2.8 lbs per gallon (336 grams per liter)
    More Info Clear Uni-Coat Product Data Sheet; Troubleshooting Guide
    Shipping Restrictions Restrictions apply. Contact us to ship this product by air.