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3-D Glass Mirror Kit Zoom

3-D Glass Mirror Kit

SKU: A1107G
Product Description


    Mirror small, non-flat glass objects such as beveled glass, tiles, jewels, fused and cast glass sculptures using the "mirror bath" technique by immersing the object in the mirroring chemicals. You can mask the non-mirrored side before you mirror it or clean it off later with one of our mirror removers.

    This kit includes enough silver to mirror 8 square feet. You can also use this kit to mirror your glass with gold, copper and galena. Use a separate tub for each chemical.


    Kit contains

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    Tools Supplies Instructions

    You supply:

    • The glass to be mirrored
    • A few gallons of distilled or deionized water
    • 2 plastic bottles for waste treatment
    • A timer or a clock with a second hand

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