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Pump Spray Silver Kit Zoom

Pump Spray Silver Kit

SKU: A1114G
Product Description


    Use our hand-powered spray silver system to silver any size or shape. The kit contains enough silver to cover approximately 260 square feet (24 square meters).

    The tubes that connect the wand to the bottles are 3 feet (0.9 meters) long. To silver large objects, place the bottles and the wand in our belt pouch and attach the pouch to your belt. Using the pouch allows you to silver any size or shape that your arm can reach. This pouch is not included in the kit.



    Kit contains

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    Tools Supplies Instructions

    You supply

    • The items you want to silver
    • A few gallons of distilled or deionized water
    • A waste run-off tray (see our instructions)
    • Supports to hold the object
    • 2 plastic bottles for waste treatment
    • A timer or a clock with a second hand

    Shipping Restrictions

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