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Basic Spray Chrome Kit Zoom

Basic Spray Chrome Kit

SKU: A1115D
Product Description


    Our Basic Spray Chrome Kit contains everything you need to create a brilliant silver (chrome) surface on any object without a heavy investment in machinery - even without electricity. We named our base coat/ top coat system Uni-Coat because you can use it for both. Our Violet Tint is light-fast and will not fade in the sun.

    You can download our illustrated instructions and Clear Uni-Coat Product Data Sheet to review before you buy - and our Bench Kit offers you an easy way to set up shop.


    The Clear Uni-Coat included in this kit covers approximately 94 square feet.
    The 2-Part Spray Silver chemicals cover approximately 260 square feet.

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    Kit contains

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    Tools Supplies Instructions

    You supply

    • The objects you want to spray chrome
    • A few gallons of steam-distilled or de-ionized water
    • Two large buckets to process mirror waste water
    • A clock or timer with a second hand
    • A well-ventilated work space away from children and pets