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Uni-Coat Measuring Cup + Lid Zoom

Uni-Coat Measuring Cup + Lid

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Uni-Coat Measuring Cup + Lid, 1 pint
 - SKU: A3590
Uni-Coat Measuring Cup + Lid, 1 quart
 - SKU: A3591
Product Description


    Uni-Coat has an 8:1 mixing ratio of Resin to Hardener. This means that you should measure out 8 fluid ounces of Resin and add 1 fluid ounce of Hardener to achieve the correct mix -- a total volume of 9 fluid ounces. Of course, you can divide or multiple these numbers - for instance 4 fluid ounces of resin and 1/2 fluid ounce of hardener for a total volume of 4 1/2 fluid ounces.

    Our professional paint measuring cups offer you an easy way to do this using only one container.

    How to Use

    1. Find the column marked 8:1:1 at the top (it's the column furthest to the right).
    2. Notice that the column is divided into three vertical sections.
    3. Notice that there are 3 sets of horizontal lines in this column marked 1, 1, 1 - 2, 2, 2 etc.
    4. Plan to ignore the third (right hand) vertical section of this column because Uni-Coat is only a 2 part product.
    5. Place the measuring cup on a box or shelf so that sits flat at eye level. Do not hold it in your hand. This is the only way to get an accurate measurement.
    6. Decide how much Uni-Coat you want to mix up today. Remember that the mix will solidify in 4 to 6 hours whether or not you put the cap on the cup.
    7. To mix up the smallest amount, pour in enough Uni-Coat Resin to come up to the first (lowest down) horizontal line marked #1.
    8. Still keeping the lines on the cup at eye level, pour in enough Uni-Coat Hardener to raise the total liquid level to the next line #1 - the middle horizontal line.
    9. THAT'S IT - you have now measured out 8 parts of Resin and 1 part of Hardener.

    Stir the mix well with a wooden, metal or glass stirring rod. Do NOT use plastic to stir the mix - the solvents in the Uni-Coat might dissolve it.