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Crown Spra-Tool Zoom

Crown Spra-Tool

SKU: A3572
Product Description


    The Crown Spra-Tool® is an aerosol sprayer with a detachable canister that enables you to spray your mixed Uni-Coat without the need for an HVLP gun and compressor. The package includes three interchangeable spray tip inserts,184 g of propellant and complete instructions. We have refill canisters available.

    This is a good tool for beginners and smaller spray chrome projects. Be sure to empty all of the Uni-coat and clean the system by spraying a small amount of lacquer thinner through it at the end of each session.

    Please Note:

    Clear Uni-Coat comes in a ready-to-use formula. Do NOT thin it further. Thinning Clear Uni-Coat will harm its covering power and durability.

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