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Uni-Coat Mixing and Tinting Guide

We have a set of programs for mixing and tinting Clear Uni-Coat and we have 3 mL syringes for measuring our Lightfast Tints in mL so you do not need to count drops.

Uni-Coat Mixing Calculator -- ratio = 8 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener

    1. Enter the total number of fluid ounces or mL you want to mix
    2. Click 'Calculate'
    3. The program displays the correct amount of Resin and Hardener to use

Tint Calculator -- 20 drops = 1 mL; 30 mL = 1 fluid ounce

        1. Enter the total number of fluid ounces you want to tint
        2. Enter the number of drops per fluid ounce from the Color Formula Chart below
        3. Click 'Calculate'
        4. The program converts drops of tint into mL for the amount of Uni-Coat you entered

Clear Uni-Coat Mixing Calculator

To make this amount of Clear Uni-Coat

Mix this amount of Resin

with this amount of Hardener


Metric: This program works the same for fluid ounces (fl oz) and milliliters (mL).

Lightfast Tint Calculator

To tint this many fl oz of Uni-Coat

using this many drops of tint per fl oz (see Chart below)

You will need to add this many ml of tint


Metric: To convert mL into fl oz (fluid ounces), divide the number of mL by 30. For example, 240 mL = 8 fl oz.

Color Formula Chart

              • Chrome = 2 drops of violet
              • Gold = 8 drops of yellow + 0.25 drops of red
              • Copper = 4 drops of yellow + 2 drops of red
              • Green = 5 drops blue + 5 drops yellow

These are just some of the colors that customers have shared with us. You can use this calculator to figure out how to mix your own custom colors in larger or smaller batches.