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Silver Remover Zoom

Silver Remover

Product Name Price Qty
Silver Remover, 60 mL
 - SKU: A2124 covers: 30 sq ft
Silver Remover, 125 mL
 - SKU: A2122 covers: 63 sq ft
Silver Remover, 1000 mL
 - SKU: A2126 covers: 500 sq ft
Product Description


    Dissolves silver mirror coatings and silver leaf. Does not dissolve other metals.

    Product Details

    Mix Mix equal quantities of Part A and Part B in a disposable cup.
    Shelf Life - unmixed Several years when stored in separate original bottles
    Shelf Life - mixed About 1 hour. Mix only what you need for each job
    Coverage 10 mL (5 mL each part) removes the silver from 2-3 square feet of mirror.
    Time Mixed Silver Remover works almost instantly on a clean silver surface.
    Instructions Directions for Using Silver Remover
    Notes You can use Silver Remover to remove brown silver stains from skin and clothing. Wash well with soap and water after using.
    Shipping Restrictions None