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Diamond Scriber with Black Felt Zoom

Diamond Scriber with Black Felt

SKU: A4013
Product Description


    A pen with a diamond point for etching glass. Placing the glass on black felt allows you to see your design more clearly.

    This scriber has:

    • A fixed, non-replaceable point
    • Includes a protective plastic cap
    • Includes a pocket clip
    • The black felt sheet is 9" x 12"
    Note: If you do not have access to a sandblaster, you can etch glass for glue chipping using our Diamond Scriber. In fact, the chipping will be more brilliant because it will not contain frosted areas where the glue failed to chip the glass.

    How to Use:

    • Draw your design on tracing paper
    • Turn the paper over
    • Re-trace the design clearly on the back
    • Place the glass over your re-traced design
    • Follow the lines with the scriber to etch the glass
    • Place the glass on the black felt to see your design more clearly
    • Refine your design free-hand
    • Leave the design as a fine line drawing or chip it according to our Glue Chipping Instructions


    • You are etching the BACK of the glass. You must reverse your design - especially lettering!
    • Every mark is permanent. Diamond scratches cannot be polished out.