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Glass Scalloper Zoom

Glass Scalloper

SKU: A4003
Product Description


    Scallop, nip or chip the edges of 1/8" to 1/4" glass. Each chip leaves a brilliantly smooth scallop without polishing. See our tutorial on our videos page


    Why our glass scalloper is better:

    • The flat edge below the bit helps you to align the glass
    • Chips fall away without jamming
    • The flat handle clamps securely in a vise
    • We use thumbscrews to adjust the tool, not wrenches
    • Has a hanger hole for handy peg board storage
    Our scalloper comes with written instructions and a scalloper angle adjustment chart. If you can cut glass, you can use our scalloper with great success. Victorian glass workers referred to scallopers as "the poor man's beveler".