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Desiccant Canister Zoom

Desiccant Canister

SKU: A4018

Quick Overview

To dry and chip hide glue
Product Description


    Compact, simple and safe way to dry hide glue.

    • Perforated, sealed canister contains 40 grams of silica gel
    • 1 canister dries 3 cubic feet of air (1 foot x 1 foot x 3 feet)
    • Does not contain Cobalt Chloride II - a potentially carcinogenic blue/pink indicator
    • Indicator changes from orange to dark green when gel is 60% saturated
    • To regenerate, bake canister at 280°F (138° C) for 2 hours
    • Regenerating time and temperature printed on the canister
    • Store canister in sealed plastic bag (included) when not in use