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White Pouring Lacquer Zoom

White Pouring Lacquer

Product Name Price Qty
White Pouring Lacquer, 1/2 pint
 - SKU: A2454 covers 20 sq. ft.
White Pouring Lacquer, 1 quart
 - SKU: A2455 covers 80 sq. ft.
Product Description


    An opaque white solvent based modified nitro-cellulose lacquer for glass containers. It creates a hard glossy film that protects non-ferrous metals from oxidation and abrasion. Not suitable for outdoor use.

    Product Details

    Theoretical Coverage 1/2 pint covers 20 square feet. 1 quart covers 80 square feet.
    Thin Ready to use. Do not thin.
    Settles Rock the closed can well to re-distribute pigment before using .
    Apply - glass containers 1. Pour into a dry mirrored container.
    2. Rotate the container slowly to ensure an even distribution.
    3. Allow excess lacquer to drain out.
    Apply - flat surfaces Use a soft brush or foam roller.
    Clean Up or Remove Acetone.
    Dry Time Dries to the touch in 15 minutes. Cures in 2 hours.
    Shelf Life Indefinite.
    Shipping Restrictions Restrictions apply. Contact us to ship this product by air.