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Multi-Strip Zoom


Product Name Price Qty
Multi-Strip, 1 quart
 - SKU: A2409 covers about 17 sq. ft.
Multi-Strip, 1 gallon
 - SKU: A2410 covers about 68 sq. ft.
Product Description


    Back To Nature®'s environmentally friendly paint stripper for mirrors. The best stripper we have found for removing the extra-durable, factory baked-on paint on commercial mirrors.

    Product Details

    Theoretical Coverage 1 quart covers 17 square feet
    Apply Apply a thick coat with a paint scraper or medium nap roller.
    Working Time Allow 4 to 12 hours for stripper to lift paint. Works faster when glass is above 60°F (16°C).
    Reusable 1. Multi-Strip can be reused several times.
    2. Separate out the paint film if possible.
    3. Replace Multi-Strip in the tub and close tightly.
    4. Spritz lightly with water if Multi-Strip appears dry.
    Disposal It is safe to dispose of used Multi-Strip in your household trash.
    Shipping Restrictions None