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MEK Dispenser, 500 mL Zoom

MEK Dispenser, 500 mL

SKU: A3510
Product Description


    Sturdy, squeezable 500 ml polyethylene bottle with a calibrated dispensing cup marked in 5 ml (cc) increments up to 35 ml (cc) maximum. Use to mix, measure and store diluted mirroring chemicals.

    NOTE: Use 1 bottle for each chemical. Do not reuse for other chemicals.

    How to Use:

    • The top cup is marked in cc (1 cc = 1 ml)
    • Unscrew the top assembly from the bottle
    • Pour your chemical solution into the bottle.
    • Attach the straw to the top assembly
    • Screw the top assembly - with the straw attached - onto the bottle
    • Set the flat cap loosely on top of the top assembly
    • Squeeze the bottle and watch the liquid rise into the top cup
    • Stop squeezing when the liquid reaches the desired amount
    • Place the flat cap firmly on the top cup until you are ready to pour out the measured chemical

    Storing chemicals in the bottle:

    • Before storing chemicals in the bottle, unscrew the top assembly and detach the straw
    • Leave the straw loose in the bottle
    • Remember to re-attach the straw before using the bottle again.
    Why MEK? These handy bottles were originally used in the plastics industry to dispense MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) solvent.