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LS Gel, 120 mL Zoom

LS Gel, 120 mL

SKU: A2556A
Product Description


    LS Gel creates amber and purple tarnish on commercial and new silver mirrors. You can enhance this effect by drying the gel-covered silver with a heat gun or hair dryer. If you accidentally strip the silver on your mirror, you can create a new effect by using our silvering chemicals to re-silver the bare glass. LS Gel destroys the tin layer so you must tin or re-tin the glass before you re-silver it.

    LS Gel is a form of liver of sulfur (sulfurated potash). The concentrated gel looses strength as it ages but, unlike dry liver of sulfur, the process takes many years.

    Product Details

    Mix - antique commercial mirrors Mix 30 mL (2 tablespoons) in 710 mL (24 fluid ounces) of distilled water.
    Mix - antique new silver mirrors Mix 15 mL (1 tablespoon) in 710 mL (24 fluid ounces) of distilled water.
    Shelf Life - mixed About 6 months
    Shelf Life - concentrate Several years when stored in original container. Keep jar closed.
    Coverage Depends on rate of use.
    Odor Strong smell of sulfur. Use in a well ventilated area only.
    Instructions Antiquing New Silver Mirrors
    How To Antique a Commercial Mirror
    Shipping Restrictions None