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Cerium Oxide Zoom

Cerium Oxide

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Cerium Oxide, 4 oz
 - SKU: A2501A
Cerium Oxide, 1 lb
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Cerium Oxide, 2 lb
 - SKU: A2549
Product Description


    Cerium Oxide is an optical grade zinc free compound for hand polishing glass. It is not suitable for glass containers or plastics.


    • Cerium oxide works best with hot water - about 110 ° F. (43 °C.) The water from most hot water taps is about 140 ° F. (60 °C.)
    • Cerium oxide adheres strongly to the glass. You must physically wipe it off with a clean sponge or paper towel. Simple rinsing will not remove it.

    How to use

    • First, clean the glass with Glass Cleaner, a paper towel and hot tap water.
    • Rinse off the Glass Cleaner with hot tap water.
    • Sprinkle on a little cerium oxide and add a little more hot tap water.
    • Using a felt polisher, scrub the glass all over in a circular motion.
    • Add more water as needed to keep the slurry thin and watery.
    • Pay special attention to the edges of the glass.
    • Physically remove the Cerium Oxide with a clean, sopping wet sponge or paper towel.
    • Rinse the glass thoroughly with tap water.
    • Use distilled water to rinse off all the tap water.
    • You are now ready to mirror the glass.

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