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Aluminum Leaf Zoom

Aluminum Leaf

Product Name Price Qty
Aluminum Leaf, book
 - SKU: A2527 covers 5.25 sq. ft.
Aluminum Leaf, pack
 - SKU: A2545 covers 105 sq. ft.
Product Description


    Wehrung & Billmeier aluminum (imitation silver) leaf for glass. Slightly less reflective than pure silver leaf.


    • 1 book covers 5.25 square feet
    • Each book contains 25 leaves
    • Each leaf measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
    • Aluminum leaf is less fragile and therefore easier to handle than silver leaf
    • Can be removed or antiqued with Aluminum Remover

    Aluminum does not tarnish the way silver does, but we suggest the you protect it from getting scratched by painting the back of your mirror with one of our mirror backing paints.

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