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Video Kit: Create a Mirror on Glass: Silver & Gold Zoom

Video Kit: Create a Mirror on Glass: Silver & Gold

SKU: A9600A
Product Description


    Our original DVD shows you how to mirror flat glass with pouring silver and how to Angel Gild flat glass. The video is 30 minutes long. It is recorded a non-country specific format for international use. You can see clips from it on our videos page.

    Our DVD shows you how to

    • Clean, tin and silver sheet glass using the old fashioned Pouring Technique
    • How to gild sheet glass
    • What a gold mirror looks like as it deposits on the glass
    • How to avoid common mistakes
    • Some examples of finished projects

    Our DVD package includes

    • DVD "How To Mirror Glass, Silver & Gold"
    • Set of 1" opaque and translucent mirror samples including translucent gold
    • Sheet Glass Instructions
    • A copy of Linda Abbott's Road Test article, published in Glass Craftsman magazine
    • A brochure of sample projects