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Tin for Gold Concentrate Zoom

Tin for Gold Concentrate

Product Name Price Qty
Tin for Gold Concentrate, 30 mL
 - SKU: A2008 covers 80 sq. ft.
Tin for Gold Concentrate, 125 mL
 - SKU: A2114 covers 333 sq. ft.
Product Description


    Tin for Gold creates an invisible chemical bond between the mirroring chemicals and the glass. Use Tin for Gold to sensitize the glass for gold mirrors. Use Tin for Gold before using Palladium Sensitizer to sensitize the glass for copper and galena mirrors.


    Product Details

    Mixing required Dilute Tin for Gold with distilled or de-ionized water before using
    Mixing ratio Add 3 ml of concentrate to 480 ml (16 fluid ounces) of distilled water
    Coverage Use 60 ml (2 fluid ounces) of diluted Tin for Gold per square foot
    Time to deposit Leave on the glass for 30 seconds
    Shelf Life - Concentrate 1 year if stored in a cool dark place
    Shelf Life - Dilute 6 – 8 hours. Make fresh daily
    Use with Gold, Copper and Galena mirroring chemicals


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