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Material Safety Data Sheets

An "MSDS" is a "Material Safety Data Sheet". It is used by government and private-sector organizations to describe factors relating to the safety and transportation of a material. It is NOT a list of ingredients for the item being described because only potentially hazardous ingredients are listed.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and read these documents. You can download a free copy here

How to Find an MSDS: Look for the alpha-numeric code (for example C8016) and the product name printed on every label. Match this information with the product name and alpha-numeric code listed below.

The MSDS code is not necessarily the same as the SKU code (for example #2101A).

Mirror Chemicals

Pouring Silver, Ready-To-Use

Pouring Silver, Concentrate

2-Part Spray Silver

3-Part Spray Silver


Bright Copper



Galvanic Copper Backing

Antiquing Mirrors

Other Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Mirror Backing Paint

Mirror Removers

Safety Supplies

Decorating Glass

Displaying Mirrors

Mirrored Glass