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Generally speaking, if you paint a design on glass and then try to mirror over it, the water and the caustic chemicals in the mirroring solutions will lift the paint right off the glass.

Specially formulated glass paints that have been fused or baked onto the glass will not lift off and float way when you mirror over them.

We offer a few ways to create a painted mirror without having to buy a kiln. Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to make the mirror shown here.

To make the mirror shown at the top of this page, follow this procedure:

  • Clean the glass thoroughly with Glass Cleaner and dry it.
  • Cut and apply an adhesive vinyl mask
  • Remove the mask from the areas you want to silver. Leave the mask on the areas you want to paint.
  • Lightly clean the glass and the mask with Glass Cleaner.
  • Tin and silver the masked glass as usual.
  • Dry the silvered glass and paint over the silver and the mask with Black Roll Coat
  • Allow time for the paint to dry completely.
  • Peel the mask and paint in the open areas with Pebeo Vitrea 160 transparent paints.
  • Dry and bake the painted glass according to Pebeo's instructions.
  • Lightly clean the baked glass. Tin and silver over the Pebeo Paint. The silver will not harm the Pebeo Paint or the Black Roll Coat. The silver will shine through the transparent paint.
  • Paint the entire back with a second layer of Black Roll Coat.

Note: Black Roll Coat becomes more durable when you bake it. Black Mirror-Backing Paint tarnishes the silver when you bake it. Use Black Roll Coat.