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Glue Pot, 1 quart Zoom

Glue Pot, 1 quart

SKU: A4009

Quick Overview

To melt hide glue
Product Description


    Use this pot to melt your hide glue and keep it warm without burning or "over-cooking."

    • Pre-set thermostat holds your glue at 140° - 150° F (60° - 65° C) the ideal temperature for hide glue
    • Removable aluminum inner pot allows you to pour the glue and clean the pot easily
    • Comes with a lid to prevent evaporation
    • Has a 3-prong grounded plug for 120 volt domestic American circuits*
    • The removable pot includes a removable inner bar to support and clean your glue brush
    • Our glue pot is also perfect for melting wax

    *Hold-Heet also makes glue pots for 230 volt European circuits. Contact us for more information.