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Glue Pot, 1 quart Zoom

Glue Pot, 1 quart

SKU: A4009

Quick Overview

To melt hide glue
Product Description


    Temporarily out of stock. Expected arrival is February 15, 2018.

    Use this pot to melt your hide glue and keep it warm without burning or "over-cooking."

    • Pre-set thermostat holds your glue at 140° - 150° F (60° - 65° C) the ideal temperature for hide glue
    • Removable aluminum inner pot allows you to pour the glue and clean the pot easily
    • Comes with a lid to prevent evaporation
    • Has a 3-prong grounded plug for 120 volt domestic American circuits*
    • The removable pot includes a removable inner bar to support and clean your glue brush
    • Our glue pot is also perfect for melting wax

    *Hold-Heet also makes glue pots for 230 volt European circuits. Contact us for more information.