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Compare Mirror Removers

Mirror removers chemically dissolve mirroring chemicals and metallic leaf applied to glass. Remember to rinse the chemical residue off before you re-mirror the glass.

NOTE: We have not tested all removers on all types of plastic and paint. It is possible that some removers will etch some types of plastic. Test the remover on a small sample before using it on a non-glass surface.


Stripping Commercial Mirrors

Most commercial mirrors are coated with silver that is protected with a layer of copper and then a layer of mirror backing paint. To strip a commercial mirror, use Multi Strip to remove the backing paint. The copper under the silver has a golden tone. Copper Remover removes the copper and leaves the silver intact. See the chart below to remove both the copper and the silver.

Multi Strip removes paint without leaving a waxy residue. Some other paint strippers leave a waxy film on the glass that will block the action of the mirror remover. You can clean off this film with acetone from the hardware store. Be careful - acetone is flammable!

Multi-layer Mirrors

For multi-layered mirrors, such as galena over silver, dissolving the bottom layer usually causes the top layer to lift off. Use the remover designed to dissolve the bottom layer or use a multi-purpose remover, such as Mirror Remover, to dissolve both layers at once.

Two-Part Removers

Silver Remover and Gold Remover are 2-part chemical solutions. The separate chemicals have an indefinite shelf life. When they are mixed together, they lose their effectiveness after about an hour. Mix only as much as you need at one time. Mix equal amounts of "A" and "B". Rinse the glass well after using to remove all residue.


You can physically remove any mirror coating by rubbing it with a paste of pumice and water. Our pumice will not scratch the glass. Apply it with a damp cotton ball or knit cotton fabric. Pumice offers a very simple way to "antique" mirrors.

Empty squares indicate that the remover had little or no effect on the metal.

Aluminum Mirror Best          
Angel Gliding     Silver Only Best Good Silver Only
Copper Mirror   Best Good Good   Good
Galena Mirror     Best Good   Best
Gold Mirror       Best    
Silver Mirror     Good Good Best Good
Aluminum Leaf Good          
Copper Leaf       Good   Good
Gold Leaf       Best    
Silver Leaf       Good Best Good
Copper Protected Silver Mirrors   Copper Only Good Good Silver Only Best