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Chemical Safety

Our mirroring chemicals are safer than many household cleaners such as bleach and drain openers. We have tried to address our customers' most frequent safety questions.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Chemical Burns

The activator solutions for silver, gold, copper and galena mirrors are caustic (contain lye). Caustic solutions can irritate or burn your skin and especially your eyes. Flush the affected area with copious amounts of water and, if necessary, see your doctor. Wear protective gloves and eye glasses at all times.

Chemical Fumes

Mirroring chemicals contain ammonia and formaldehyde which can irritate the lungs. Our Multi Gas/Vapor Respirator is specifically designed to protect you from concentrations of these gases up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit. Wear a respirator and make sure your shop is well ventilated.

Spray silvering sends a cloud of chemicals into the air. Our pouring technique does not. Pouring is the least toxic method of silvering.

The solvent in Black Mirror-Backing Paint and Gilsonite Asphaltum is mineral spirits - the same solvent that is in most oil-based house paints. Century White and Century Clear Lacquers are dissolved with acetone or lacquer thinner. Use an exhaust fan or work by an open window when using these paints.

The solvent in Black Roll Coat and Gray Roll Coat is xylene (Xylol). It has a much stronger effect on the lungs than mineral spirits. Use a good fan to produce strong ventilation or wear a respirator.

Chemical Stains

Mirroring chemicals can stain your fingers, clothes and work bench. Use a small amount of the appropriate mirror remover to remove stains on your hands and then wash your hands thoroughly. Wear gloves and a protective apron. You can protect your work bench with a layer of newspaper.

Fulminating Silver

Concentrated Silver Solution mixed with Concentrated Silver Activator can form an explosive mix called fulminating silver only if the mix is allowed to evaporate completely. When these chemicals are mixed with water, they can not form fulminating silver. When Silver Reducer is added to the Silver Solution and Silver Activator - as it is in the waste water - it can not form fulminating silver even if it is dry.

To prevent any risk of fulminating silver, always dilute our concentrated chemicals according to our instructions before using them. Keep all storage bottles and containers closed so that the chemicals do not evaporate.

Silver is the only chemical we sell that might be dangerous if it evaporates.


We are fully trained in Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) shipping. Unless specifically noted on the product page, all of our chemicals are packaged and sold in quantities and concentrations below the level required for additional HazMat shipping charges.

Waste Disposal

Our Waste Treatment Kit is EPA approved to treat mirror waste and includes instructions for use.

Material Safety Data Sheets

All of our products that are in any way hazardous have a Material Safety Data Sheet (see MSDS.)