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Asphaltum Remover

Product Name Price Qty
Asphaltum Remover, 250 ml
 - SKU: A2152
Asphaltum Remover, 1 liter
 - SKU: A2154
Product Description


    Asphaltum Remover allows you to use Gilsonite Asphaltum as a mask for our mirroring chemicals and then remove the mask with tap water to reveal clear glass underneath. No need for harmful solvents such as acetone or kerosene.

    Product Details

    Coverage Depends on thickness - approximately 135 sq ft per liter.
    Apply Pour, spray, brush or dip.
    Working Time 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on thickness of the asphaltum and room temperature. Works faster when glass is above 60°F (16°C).
    Disposal Pour the wash water into your waste treatment bucket and treat with our waste treatment process as usual.
    Instructions Using Asphaltum as a Mask
    Shipping Restrictions None