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About Silver Mirrors

Galena Mirrored Wreath in a Silver Wall Mirror

Silver mirrors reflect an object's true colors because they reflect all wavelengths of light. Your bathroom mirror and the rear view mirror in your car are made with silver.

You can silver any substrate except bare metal. You can silver wood, glass, plastic or glazed ceramic.

Silver by itself does not make a surface look like a mirror. The surface that you silver must be as glossy as possible - as shiny as glass.


Silver mirrors are easy to make

  • You can easily identify problems because you know what a silver mirror should look like.
  • Silver only needs one sensitizer
  • Silver deposits faster than other metals.

We have two silver formulas

Pouring Silver reacts in about 5 minutes. Spray Silver reacts in 5 to 10 seconds. The application methods for the two formulas are different. The final silver coat is exactly the same.

Pouring Silver

  • The slower reaction time allows you to control the process.
  • You have time to "antique" the silver while it is forming.
  • You can get an even deposit inside a glass container.
  • There is no over-spray or mist in the air.
  • The front surface (the silvered side) is slightly less reflective than Spray Silver.
  • It can be difficult to produce a uniform coating on large sheets of glass.

Spray Silver

  • Spraying produces a more uniform deposit over a large area.
  • The front surface (the silvered side) is brilliantly reflective.
  • You can mirror any size or shape or texture.
  • You need a dedicated workshop and an air compressor to use Spray Guns.
  • You do not need an air compressor to use our Pump Spray Silver or Drip Silver Kits.

Compare 2-Part and 3-Part Spray Silver

3-Part Spray Silver

  • You must mix Silver Solution with Silver Activator before using
  • Simple instructions for diluting the Tin for Silver
  • Shelf life of Long Life Tin for Silver is 6 months
  • Product has a weak odor of ammonia
  • 3-Part Spray Silver is included in our Pump Spray, Drip Silver and Spray Silver Kits

2-Part Spray Silver

  • Simple mixing instructions - product does not include Silver Activator
  • Highly concentrated Sensitizer requires careful measuring
  • Shelf life of Sensitizer for 2-Part Silver is 1 year
  • Product has a strong odor of ammonia
  • Product may be used with our spray silver kits

Note: 3-Part Spray Silver and 2-Part Spray Silver are separate formulations. They do not work if you combine the chemicals in one product with the chemicals in the other product.


Chose a kit based on the shape of the object you want to mirror.

 Flat (sheet) GlassCurved GlassSmall ObjectsInside a ContainerFront Surface Silver

Pouring Silver

Sheet Glass Kit
Mini Kit
not suitable 3-D Glass Kit
Mini Kit
Blown Glass Kit not suitable

Spray Silver

Pump Spray
Spray Silver Kit
Drip Silver
Pump Spray
Spray Silver
Drip Silver not suitable Drip Silver
Pump Spray
Spray Silver

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