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About Gold Mirrors

Translucent Gold Mirrored Chandelier

Translucent Gold Mirrors

When you deposit a layer of gold on glass and protect it with clear lacquer, the gold is translucent. Light bouncing off of the gold gives the glass a golden glow. Light passing through the glass is sea green.
Diamond Etched Gold Wall Mirror

Reflective Gold Mirrors

When you add a layer of silver on top of the gold, the mirror is opaque and completely reflective. All of the light bounces back to the viewer. The mirror is as gold as a wedding ring.

The name "Angel Gilding" is used to distinguish chemical deposition gilding (mirroring) from gold leaf gilding.


Making Gold Mirrors

Gilding glass or plastic is not difficult, but it is not as fast as silver. Our Angel Gilding video, takes you through the process step-by-step. We include a 1" sample of translucent gold and a 1" sample of Angel Gilding in our Sheet Glass, Blown Glass and 3-D Glass Kits.

Angel Gilding allows you to:

  • Gild the inside of glass sculptures and globes
  • Create a seamless gold mirror on flat plastic or glass
  • Easily gild textured glass - see Angel Gilding vs Gold Leaf
  • Add a golden sheen to galena and copper mirrors - see About Metal Layers

Angel Gilding requires you to:

  • Pre-activate the gold chemicals before using them
  • Spend 20 minutes rocking the gold chemicals as they deposit
  • Protect the fragile gold layer with lacquer or paint

Angel Gilding cannot be used for:

To get started with Angel Gilding, you will need a:

  1. Sheet Glass, Blown Glass or 3-D Glass Kit
  2. Angel Gilding Kit
  3. Angel Gilding (Gold Mirror) Instructions

FAQ - Gold Mirror Chemicals

Q: Why do I have to mix the Gold Solution with the Gold Activator ahead of time?
Adding Gold Activator to the Gold Solution completes the chemical reaction necessary to cause the gold to deposit on the glass. As the gold ages, it changes from yellow to colorless or almost colorless.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Activated Gold?
Activated Gold has a shelf life of 2 to 3 days. After that, the gold begins to come out of solution in the bottle so there is less gold available to deposit on the glass.

Q: Is there a test to see if the Activated Gold has aged enough?
To test your Activated Gold, pour about 6 ml into a paper cup and add 3 ml of Gold Reducer. The mix should stay clear for about a minute. If it turns purple right away, the "aging" process is not yet complete.

Many thanks to Lisa Spinella and Paulo Delima Studio Bel Vetro of for allowing us to display their gold/copper chandelier. Sarah King made the diamond etched, Angel Gilded mirror.