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About Copper Mirrors

Copper Mirror Christmas Globes

A Bright Copper mirror is as bright and pink as a new copper penny.


Copper mirrors have a marked tendency to spontaneously peel off the glass as the mirror is forming. The mirror will not peel once the chemicals have been poured off. We know what causes the problem (hydrogen builds up between the metal and the glass), but we have not yet found a sure way to prevent it.


Copper mirrors:

  • Require two sensitizers - Tin for Gold and Palladium Sensitizer.
  • Can be deposited over a layer of gold to create a bright peach mirror
  • Can be deposited over "flashed" layer of silver silver to create a pale pink mirror
  • Show as dark matte red on sandblasted glass

Copper chemicals are sensitive. When making a copper mirror, be sure to:

  1. Mix the chemicals in clean glass containers. Do not use paper or plastic.
  2. Rinse the Tin for Gold and Palladium Sensitizer thoroughly.
  3. Do not allow the copper to deposit for any longer than it takes to get an almost opaque surface.
  4. Back your mirror with Black Roll Coat, Century Clear Lacquer or Black Permalac.
    Any shellac based backing paint will discolor the copper over time.

To make a Bright Copper mirror, you will need: