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Vidadon Foil Tape, 24 inch Zoom

Vidadon Foil Tape, 24 inch

Product Name Price Qty
Viadon Foil Tape, 24 inches x 8 yards
 - SKU: A4111A - covers 48 sq ft
Viadon Foil Tape, 24 inches x 50 yards
 - SKU: A4110A - covers 300 sq ft
Product Description


    Viadon Foil aluminum tape protects the silver from the mastic and holds the glass in place if it breaks.

    Unlike plastic safety backing tapes, this product can be used with any brand of mirror mastic. We recommend Bohle Xtragrip Green.

    • This product is 24 inches (610mm) wide and 3.3 mil thick
    • Available in 8 yard (7 meter) and 50 yard (45.7 meter) rolls
    • Covered with a strong, high tack instant grip acrylic adhesive
    • Supplied on a quick release backing paper