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Pumice Extra-Fine Zoom

Pumice Extra-Fine

Product Name Price Qty
Pumice Extra-Fine, 1-3/4 oz
 - SKU: 2514
Pumice Extra-Fine, 4 oz
 - SKU: 2510
Pumice Extra-Fine, 12 oz
 - SKU: 2513A
Product Description


    American Navajo ground beveling pumice. More abrasive than cerium oxide and whiting. Will not scratch the glass.

    Product Details

    Coverage Depends on rate of use.
    Used To 1. Clean spilled mirror coating and backing paint from the glass side of a new mirror.
    2. Buff the silver or aluminum side of a mirror to antique it.
    Apply With Make a paste with distilled water and rub with a soft cloth or cotton balls.
    Shelf Life Indefinite.