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Gilsonite Asphaltum Zoom

Gilsonite Asphaltum

Product Name Price Qty
Gilsonite Asphaltum, 1/2 pint
 - SKU: 2019 covers 20 sq. ft.
Gilsonite Asphaltum, 1 quart
 - SKU: 2219 covers 80 sq. ft.
Gilsonite Asphaltum, 1 gallon
 - SKU: 2319A covers 320 sq. ft.
Product Description


    A glossy black, clean breaking, highly refined tar that hardens but does not 'cure'. Gilsonite Asphaltum can be thinned to create a lovely golden-brown backing on antique silver mirrors.

    Product Details

    Theoretical Coverage 1/2 pint covers 20 square feet. 1 gallon covers 320 square feet
    Apply With Soft brush or disposable foam roller
    Thin With Mineral spirits (paint thinner)
    Remove With Asphaltum Remover
    Drying Method Dries by exposure to light. Not suitable for mirrored glass containers.
    Dry Time Dries to the touch in 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on the light. Bright sunlight is best.
    Shelf Life Indefinite when stored in a closed container.
    Abrasion Resistance Low.