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Copper Remover

Product Name Price Qty
Copper Remover, 125 mL
 - SKU: A2123 covers 25 sq ft
Copper Remover, 500 mL
 - SKU: A2149 covers 100 sq ft
Product Description


    Dissolves copper mirrors and the copper backing on silver mirrors. Copper Remover does not affect the silver on silver mirrors.

    Product Details

    Dilute Copper Remover is ready to use. Do not dilute.
    Shelf Life 2 to 3 years when stored in a cool location. Copper Remover looses strength over time.
    Coverage 125 ml dissolves the copper backing on approximately 25 square feet of commercial silver mirror.
    Time Works almost instantly on a clean copper surface.
    Apply With Apply with a soft cloth, cotton balls or cotton swabs. Rinse the mirror with distilled water after using.
    Note Wear rubber gloves. Copper Remover can harmlessly stain your skin blue.
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