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Clear Uni-Coat

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Clear Uni-Coat, 1 quart
 - SKU: 2425A - covers 94.5 sq ft. (8.8 sq. m.)
Clear Uni-Coat, 1 gallon
 - SKU: 2426A - covers 378 sq. ft. (35 sq. m.)
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This item is subject to Shipping restrictions. See Ordering and Shipping for more information.
Product Description


    Clear Uni-Coat is a 2K automotive urethane - hard, high-gloss, crystal clear, UV resistant, flexible, durable and fast drying - perfect to use as both a base coat and a top coat for spray chrome applications. It flows out quickly and air dries to a tack free finish in 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity in your shop.

    When used as a base coat, Clear Uni-Coat can be silvered in 12 to 24 hours. When used as a top coat, it can be tinted with our light-fast tints to any color you choose. For a pure chrome silver, we recommend 2 drops of Violet for each fluid ounce of Uni-Coat.

    For complete details, download our Clear Uni-Coat Product Data Sheet

    Product Specifications:

    • Do not thin - Clear Uni-Coat is ready to use.
    • Add 1 part Hardener to 8 parts Resin. Pot Life is 4 - 6 hours
    • May be handled and cleaned before silvering without affecting the hard, high-gloss finish.
    • Air dries tack free in 5 - 15 minutes. May be silvered in 12 - 24 hours. Cures completely in 3 days.
    • May be force-dried at 140 - 195 F for 20 minutes for a faster cure
    • For best results, apply with an HVLP gun with a 1.0 mm fluid nozzle
    • Low VOC - 2.8 lbs per gallon (336 grams per liter)
    • Use in a WELL VENTILATED area only

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