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Century Clear Lacquer Zoom

Century Clear Lacquer

Product Name Price Qty
Century Clear Lacquer, 1/2 pint
 - SKU: A2413 covers 25 sq. ft.
Century Clear Lacquer, 1 quart
 - SKU:A2414 covers 100 sq. ft.
Product Description


    A crystal clear, high gloss, free flowing, solvent based modified nitro-cellulose lacquer for blown glass and translucent or one-way mirrors. It creates a hard film that protects non-ferrous metals from oxidation, perspiration, sulfur and abrasion. Not suitable for outdoor use.

    Product Details

    Theoretical Coverage 1/2 pint covers 25 square feet. 1 quart covers 100 square feet
    Thin Ready to use. Do not thin.
    Apply Pour into your mirrored container. Allow excess to drain out completely.
    Clean Up or Remove Acetone or lacquer thinner.
    Dry Time Dries to the touch in 15 minutes. Cures in 12 hours.
    Spray See Nikolas Clear Lacquer Spray, 12 oz
    Shelf Life About 2 years.
    Shipping Restrictions Restrictions apply. Contact us to ship this product by air.


    Tips On Drying Blown Glass Sculptures

    Blown glass sculptures with long thin areas, curved points and narrow openings can take a long time to dry. You will have better results if you do not hurry, but you can try this trick to speed up the process.

    WARNING: Acetone is FLAMMABLE! Do not use near an open flame, spark, electrical hot plate or any other source of ignition.

    • Rinse the newly mirrored surface with distilled water.
    • Drain out as much water as possible.
    • Pour in a moderate amount of acetone. The acetone will displace the water and tend to drive it out.
    • Rotate to cover all the surfaces with acetone.
    • Set the container - open side down - to allow the acetone/water mix to drain out completely.
    • Allow time for all the acetone and water to dry before lacquering the surface. Any moisture trapped under the lacquer can discolor the mirror over time.